About Justin

Hey guys! I’m Justin Meister, an internet entrepreneur from San Diego, California. I own a marketing business that helps people get customers online. By the way…Instead of some awkward third person bio, I’m just gonna keep this super casual and talk like a normal human being. So here’s my story….

One day at the library during my senior year of college, I was looking through all of the jobs that I could apply to. It was a super sad moment in my life because I realized that all these jobs were pretty stinky. Each job just had something super depressing about it. Upon looking at those jobs in disgust, I was like duuuuude I think I can make this on my own.

I hit “the lab” super hard. Brainstorming every business idea possible. So many google searches. I finally landed on a business I wanted to start…it was a social media marketing agency. Facebook had just gone public and there was a need. This was back before everyone and their mom is doing social too.

So it was done. I started my little social media marketing agency. I was sticking it to the man!! NO 9-5 for Big J (sorry about that third person – just sounded cool).

Right away I was able to extend my contacts into a few clients. I had a few people paying me to manage their social media. I was feeling good.

I graduated and then decided that I would move to San Diego, California. I was pretty sick of that weather in Wisconsin. There was this one time, I got stuck in my fraternity for like a week cause the weather was so bad outside. So i’m like EFFFFF this I’m moving to California with the best weather.

Now I’m out in San Diego..Got a REALLY BIG studio apartment.. Living that Caliiii life for sure <3. (Sarcasm for those who cannot sense it over the itnernet)

But there I was in my studio apartment grinding social media..Getting clients and growing the social business.

Then one day everything changed… my Dad called me. He said, Justin…..

I said yeah???

He said…I got my accreditation to be a counselor!!

I’m like wow…You really scared me, but congrats!!!

Knowing that I do marketing, he says “Can you make me a website?”

Me: Yes

Him: Can you get me clients from my website?

Me: I have no idea let me look.

–I was a social media guy, but I knew for counseling it’d be tough to use social.

Again…I hit “the lab”…Aka ran some google searches. RESEARCH.

That’s when I discovered SEO…SEO Stands for search engine optimization.

SEO is just when you have your website appear when someone searches for something on Google. So in my dad’s case, we wanted to appear for “counselor oklahoma city” or “marriage counselor oklahoma”.

The thought process, is that if we appear for those keywords we will get clients for his business.

Major benefit: Free clients.

Google sends us the customers for free. Pretty nice eh?

I’m sure you have searched on something for google before and chosen a business or restaurant – so you have intereacted with SEO.

What did I do next? I hit “the lab” and I learned SEO. Then I made his website and did SEO to it. Within a month we were getting clients to his website. It was a smashing success baby!!!

I couldn’t believe it. I was like wow…What else can I do SEO?

I discovered i could do it for clients. I could also make my own websites and run ads from SEO traffic.

It was then and there I started focusing on doing more and more SEO…

I never looked back and here we are.

If you’re still with me reading this, I think there’s one major thing you can takeaway from this super duper awesome about me page:

Always evolve

I could have told my dad “eh i have no idea, i need to focus on my social business”. If that was a client, I totally might have said no, but it was my dad, so I had to say yes. When I look back though it’s a fork in the road. I could have denied evolution. So I have this epiphany now that I should keep learning. Keep evolving. Take action on things I don’t know about. I need to keep learning marketing (not just social and SEO) to be a better marketer.

Really Get to Know me.

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