The ToolBox

1) Where I Buy Domains

I like NameCheap cause they are....Cheap. NameCheap is cheaper than anywhere else on the web. 

They also protect your info with a free whois guard when you register a domain. This means no naughty boys will scrape your info and solicit to you.

2) Where I Host Websites

SiteGround is where it's at in 2020. Why do i use it? It's blazing fast and at a fair price. 

It's important my sites load fast and without issues because if they don't, I miss out on affiliate sales....I'd rather pocket that money than lose out on it because my website is loading slow or not at all.

3) How I Find Keywords

I use a paid keyword research tool like KWFinder for these reasons: 
1) It tells people are searching for one google & how many times a month it's searched. 
2) It tells whether a keyword is high or low competition 
3) It allows you to easily YOINK other competitors low competition keywords 
4) You're able to find a bunch of new keyword ideas. 
This is the best keyword research tool on the market + you get access to other SEO tools. You can get a 10 day free trial through the button below.

4) How I Track SEO rankings

Tracking where you rank is pretty important & a huge time saver. I have loads of websites and a bunch of keywods I'm targeting. I'm not about to search manually on google all day for my own rankings. A robot/software can do that. 

I use SerpWatcher which is under Mangools software. So if you get KWFinder you also get SerpWatcher + some other SEO tools for the same price. You can get a 10 day free trial through the button below.